Our Story

In 2005, our founder, David Tennessen obtained one of the largest fire-proof workspaces in the area, located near Historic Mitchell Street.  Over the years, he has collaborated with many glass artists here at Mercury Glass, on the West Coast, and in Italy.  The facility in Milwaukee has housing, studio space, and the hot shop.  Today we have grown to represent six artists in the Wisconsin geography.  You can see over 100 art pieces created by David at the gallery.

Our Vision

If you are into hot shops, blown glass, or mixed media with glass, then this will be a key destination as you visit Milwaukee.  We also believe in a creative community, and will be a provider of work space and collaborative support if you need it.  Now in our tenth year, our goal is to accelerate our on-line sales around the world.

Meet the Team

We have three full time people, listed below, at Mercury Glass.  However we have space for more.  If you are interested, check out our open positions and apprentice positions.  Contact Dave Tennessen if none are currently listed here.


David Tennessen

Founder & CEO


David Tennessen has a degree in business from the University of Wisconsin and has created a glass blowing enterprise in addition to a growing portfolio of real estate properties.  David has attracted over a half dozen glass blowers to visit the area, including two Masters.  Frequently he travels to Italy and Mexico in search of expertise in glass blowing, and silver work for the jewelry side of his business respectively.  His work includes commissioned sales as well as creative work motivated by his own passion for glass art.

Jesse Anderson

Director of Advertising


A painter and often works with canvas, using oil, acrylic, charcoal, or pastels. Jessie has a degree in Art History, and has been a teacher in the Milwaukee Public Schools. Her focus has been on the figure as well as intimate space and you will see this in our gallery. As recipient of the Elsa Ubrecht award at UWM, as well as being a down to earth friend, we are pleased to have her.

Dan Tennessen

Artist Representative


Representing artists in St. Louis and Milwaukee geographies, although there are times you will find him as an oil painter or in the great outdoors.  A retired scientist, he is a novice painter of group and individual portraits in natural settings from photographs, and a painting technique of realism, combined with imagination.  You can see his work at the gallery.

Next Steps...

You will want to contact us if you are interested in a personal tour.  Our shop, at 1625 South 6th Street, is open most Fridays from 2pm to 9pm, but call ahead, we're small (414-643-1067).  With prices ranging from $5 to $100 for glass, we are relatively affordable.