Apprentice Position

Mercury Glass is looking for an apprentice for glass blowing at this Milwaukee location (1625 South 6th Street).  The position is un-paid.  Half-time work will focus only on glass bowing. This is a safe environment for an artist interested in learning methods of glass blowing, using that knowledge to create products, and development of marketable skill that can be used to land a paying job.  The individual will be offered equipment and material access and crucible time in exchange for work in the hot shop and on the sales floor.  Once sufficient skill is attained to produce your own work, you will be able to sell it and promote your trade here or in the industry.

This position is most suited to individuals who have a demonstrated interest in arts from a grade-school, middle-school, high-school and/or college or university setting.  College experience is desired but not required.  Although the creation of glass art is largely an individual effort, you must be able to collaborate and cooperate with others in the community.  There is no age limit, but an ability to lift (50 pound loads), manipulate, hold, and handle glass and metal objects in coordination with others is important.  We are particularly interested in candidates who have insight and interest in either a) Latin American art history and culture, or b) black or African American art history and culture.

How to apply:

  1. Express interest by asking your questions here.
  2. Collect pictures or examples of art that you have produced (be able to recall a teacher or mentors name who can be used as a reference).
  3. Provide a resume that includes:
    1. Your school history (most recent two schools you have attended).
    2. Your work history (most recent three businesses you have worked at).
    3. Your interest: what do you want to do in the glass blowing trade.
    4. A description of a glass object you would like to be able to create for sale.
    5. Any second language that you can speak fluently.


Shop Rental

Mercury glass owns a three story facility that has integrated hot shop (a real fire room), fabrication shop, storefront, and housing for employees and long term artists in residence.

You get all the equipment you need to create a wide variety of items.   However, this is for experienced professionals and instructors only.  You come with your own insurance and you will need to find your own transportation, room, and board if you plan to stay from out of town.  If you need a second pair of hands, we likely can help you, providing you make arrangements early.

Other considerations: You need to provide a resume with at least 4 years of experience in the field, proof of insurance, a short portfolio demonstrating your work, a paragraph describing your goals for work here, and references for hot shop experience.  If you have a video please send a link (Vimeo or YouTube).

Cost: Contact Dave Tennessen for cost and availability.

Here is a short list of the equipment offered:

  • Glass Furnace
  • One Glory Hole
  • Pipe Warmer
  • One Bench
  • Two Annealers
  • Glass (bring your own color)

A contract with details will be provided if we have mutual interest in going forward.  You are welcome to visit any time we are around (call ahead).

Academic/ Teaching Resource

Area faculty are welcome to rent space (to be used for teaching students at the University level) on an hour, week, or semester basis.  Contact Dave for details.