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Blown Glass

We can create just about every color under the rainbow, and in just about any shape.  With over 100 pieces in our gallery on sixth street, you should plan to come visit with us.  Please call ahead.

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Blown Glass Windows

With a minor investment, you can add years of joy to your home by adding blown glass windows.  We can produce shapes and colors in many combinations, based on your preference.  David Tennessen has worked on stained glass in Milwaukee's Basilica and has brought that experience to combine with blown glass here.  Let your imagination run, and we'll do the rest.

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Other mediums

We have a range of art in the gallery represented by resident artists and artist in Wisconsin.  Send us an email with photographs of your proposed work, or interest in housing and studio space.  Currently we have 6 artists' work displayed in the gallery, 3 of which have incomes of less than $25K per year.